The award-winning vocal group Baravox performs a mix of pop, jazz, and traditional folk music in self-penned arrangements, as well as original compositions – all performed with only the human voice.

Baravox is making a comback 2015, with a few new members, new compositions, new arrangements, and a new CD – Chapter Two!

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What we do


With our extensive experience and original and professional sound, we provide your event with that extra special something! We will gladly tailor our performance to suit your specific needs. Besides a performance at lunch or dinner, we would love to do something involving your staff – perhaps a Eurovision-type performance which culminates with a song about your company? Or how about a “competition” in the style of Battle of the Choirs?


We have a broad range of repertoire and will tailor it to match your event, for example focusing on jazz or folk music.


Most of Baravox’s members are trained pedagogues in different vocal specialties. We hold lectures, workshops, and master classes in jazz and pop singing for choirs, folk music, beatboxing, and rhythm and grooves in arranging for choirs and vocal groups. If your choir or vocal group needs a new “spark,” we would love to do a workshop with you! Maybe even follow up with a combined concert?

email us: info@baravox.se

About us

Baravox was founded in Östersund, but is based in Stockholm.

The group has released several CDs distributed internationally, and featured on two gold albums on Naxos.

Among the awards won by Baravox are the Kaggen Award from Orpehi Drängar, the Lasse Bagge Price for best Swedish Vocal Group, and winner of the Tampere Contest for Vocal Ensembles.

Baravox has performed on choir festivals, concert halls, variety shows and soccer games, and on TV and Radio both local and nation wide.


Emma Björling holds degrees in Vocal Traditional Folk Music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and Vocal Pedagogy in both jazz and traditional folk music from the Ingesund College of Music. She works at the Piteå College of Music and Framnäs Junior College, amongst others. She sings with folk groups Kongero and Lyy, actively recording and touring internationally with both. She also writes music and arrangements for choirs and vocal groups around the world. When not involved with music, Emma enjoys cooking and eating good food, and handicrafts, especially art, painting, and woodworking.

Sara af Klintberg holds a degree in Music Education from the Ingesund College of Music, and teaches at middle school. She also freelances in various groups and constellations. In her freetime, Sara enjoys spending time with her three kids, pike fishing, eating chocolate, and dancing.

Malin Strömdahl holds degrees in Choral Conducting and Vocal and Choral Pedagogy from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She works as a choral and vocal pedagogue at Stockholm’s Estetiska high school and directs several choirs, including the distinguished Norrland’s Student Choir in Uppsala and Collage Choir in Stockholm. Apart from conducting, Malin also freelances as a singer and arranger. Outside of music, she loves to travel, read Terry Pratchett, and knit her own clothes.

Philip Sherman is a classically trained tenor and beatboxer with a degree in Vocal and Choral Pedagogy from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He directs the choir Mix Vox in Stockholm and the AstraZeneca company choir in Södertälje. He sings in the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and freelances as a singer with, among others, the Swedish Radio Choir. Apart from music, Philip loves watching movies and, above all else, supporting Arsenal Football Club!

Johan Ronström holds a degree in Traditional Folk Musik for mandolin from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, works with music software, and freelances as an instrumentalist, web developer, and theatre technician with various groups and organizations. His main intrests are the synergy of art and technology and the old and the new, such as 8-bit embroidery and technical storytelling.

Emil Westberg holds degrees in Classical Vocal Performance and Music Education for electric bass from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He enjoys switching between genres even when singing, and feels equally at home with Handel as with funk. Emil is currently singing in the chorus of Benny Andersson’s musical Kristina from Duvemåla in Helsinki, Finland.



Emma Björling (international)
+46 (0) 70 – 584 01 78

Emil Westberg (Sweden)
+46 (0) 73 – 543 42 66